Day 23 – Loving My Body

Loving my body
Loving my scars
If parts of our body could talk
O, the stories they would tell!

Join in the fun!

Collaborations and Entries are very welcome!



  1. Tamie · November 28

    I stare in the mirror
    Slowly caressing the bump
    Loving my body
    Savoring the moment
    I’m still staring
    When I suddenly feel something wet, and sticky.

  2. Tony Michele · December 8

    Lol, I assume her water “broke” 👀, as they say.

    Thank you reading and commenting Tamie.

  3. Tamie · December 8

    Yup… It did.

  4. Tamie · December 8

    Not just water tho, blood…

  5. Tony Michele · December 9

    Yeesh. Thanks for the lesson Doc.

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