Untitled #52

today, i remembered your smile the first day i saw you.
the other day, i remembered the taste of your lips when they met mine for the first time.
the other other day, i remembered your scent and how i always wanted to smell it – and just know that you are close, to me, with me.
the other other other day, i remembered you and that was yesterday and the day before and the day before the day before and probably tomorrow as well.
i miss you.
ever still my muse.

with love.
i need suggested titles for my untitled poems.
i promise to use them. the suggested title will be a suffix.
please 🙂

In a heartbeat..

Can you hear it?
Have you felt it?
Can you see it?
It’s somehow both tangible and intangible isn’t it…
This I know; my heart beats for you..
Biology and science has nothing on you…
They say there are millions of bytes of information in a strand of DNA…
Listen close my Love, sometimes uneven, sometimes steady, listen…
There’s so much more in a heart beat…

Untitled #42

broken dreams and dashed hopes;
the pain of what was, what is and what could have been;
it’s the theme of life, isn’t it?

but somehow, despite the lost love and the bittersweet taste of hope
– hope for what could still be or what the future holds, I must keep on
it’s the theme of life, isn’t it?

I pray I don’t mourn this loss forever.

Her #6

I sit
By the lady in the purple dress sitting across from me

I wonder if she knew/knows her effect
It was not simply the beautiful dress she wore
It was not just how gorgeous she was in that dress
It was more

She was more
She is more
With her is more
Her ❤
I’m in love


Happy New Year to you and yours!

More life!