Just Say It

“Just do it”; Nike tells us
“Do”; the Bible has always told us

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Her #5

it’s crazy how i feel. 
it’s crazy how it is. 
it’s just like they say. 
and it’s not just like they say. 
but all in all, i want to go the distance. 
she’s worth it.


Excerpt from Musings :: All I Need Is A Pen (IV).

Book Giveaway; It’ll be a random selection.
Just leave a comment (before Friday Night) to indicate interest.

Musings :: All I Need Is A Pen (IV)



10 minutes, is it?
That’s all I need to come up with a full post.
I hope it’s enriching to my readers as well.
So I know that I mentioned a book giveaway a while back and I still intend to do that sometime this year.
The first book I’d be giving away is “Mere Christianity”.
My next post should cover the rules and whatnots to enter the draw.
it is going to be a random one.
I would rather the winner be close to my base of operation or living (haha)
but whatever happens, we’d figure something out.
I hope.
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