Her #4

My love;
My sweetheart;
My darling;
My one and only;
To be and to be called yours is delight. 😍❤️


Untitled #35

Are we not so prone to it? 

Be it fellow humans or things. 

The eternal one or fleeting things, moments or feelings. 

What is it about that vacuum. 
I’ve been thinking about this lately. 

It can be hard. Very. 

Struggling with desires, longings and temptations. 

There really is nothing new under the sun.  
I’ve always thought it to be obvious and self evident. 

It’s all been downhill from the beginning. 

Barring the truth of the message. 

We are going nowhere slowly. 
What is it about this? 

We all need that sense of purpose. 

In life, this matters. 

The eternal can never be earned though. 
What is life without love. 

To love and be loved. 

To know and be truly known. 

Love is supreme. 


The scars never go away
They remind you of where you have been,
how and what you’ve overcome.
In our attempt to conceal them
We fail to realise we conceal treasures in earthen vessels.


Another guest post from Omotola.


Guest writers and collaborations are always welcome.
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