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I wrote this as a comment on this lovely post by Dr. Akunna.


My darling love
It’s the reality of life isn’t it
We are never where and who we want to be
– there’s always that little or large room
Having taken in droplets from the ocean that you are
I want you and not my idea of you
Through the lessons, pains and growth
So when the time comes because it will
I will hold you
I will be here
I choose you
And I just want you to know


There’s something about love, pursuit, mutual choice, commitment and doing because of and in spite of… I haven’t been able to put down my thoughts properly but I hope to do so soon…

Books I Read in 2017


Continuing the series from 2015 and 2016, here’s the list of books I read in 2017. I know this is coming a bit late, please, bear with me. I already discussed and pondered on some of the books listed below in this post sometime during the year. I intend to write quarterly posts on the books I’ve read during with year with my thoughts, lessons learnt among other things.

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Musings :: Struggles

Today, I came across this post from this wonderful blog I follow. Can you relate?

This evening, I got a call asking me to write an article for a magazine soon to be published and I have 1 week before the deadline. This article is supposed to be one of the centrepieces and I don’t know yet how I am going to get it done but I know that I am.

I have quite a number of other things lined up that I intend to do this year including writing and preparing music for a spoken word project, attending to this blog and recommitting to my at least one post a week target of 2016 amongst others.


We all go through them.

Life is not one smooth sail.

I came across this question on Twitter, it was something along this line – As a “creative” person, what are your challenges? And my response was


Good work now may not always be good work in hindsight. Trying to overlook that and just create

Pondering on my response, I could not help but wonder the struggles people go through that people do not get to see. Most times people just get to see the outcome/end product and sometimes, the beginning –  when the goal or target was set. In between those two reference points, a whole lot can happen. And such is life.

It can be so hard. Perfectionism. I would not call it that. Having to and calling oneself to a higher standard. It takes a whole lot of self-discipline and commitment.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to look back on one’s work and enjoy it.

To know that it was your best.

To be able to glean those little pieces of oneself, one’s growth.

We are always wiser today than we were yesterday and sometimes that’s ok.

Here’s to me learning and trying to walk in the light. To create and just do it.


Life happens to us all. To anyone and everyone who keeps looking out for new posts from me, I am really thankful and grateful. I do this for you all too.

I really am interested in your thoughts about the post or the blog.

Please let me know what sort of posts over time that you’ve enjoyed.