Day 24 – One More Journey

One more journey
One more adventure
One more dream to pursue
One more…

Insatiable humans
In search of that one more thing to complete, satisfy, feed that desire.

Join in the fun!

Collaborations and Entries are very welcome!



  1. Tamie · November 28

    Baby let’s go
    Let’s go on one more journey
    Before we decide
    If it’s goodbye

  2. Tony Michele · January 7

    One more journey
    One more chance to spend some time with you
    If that’s all I’d get, I’d take it.

    Hi Tamie, here’s an early new year reminder to consider taking up the challenge :). Happy New Year!

  3. Tamie · January 7

    Hey! happy new Year dear.
    Is there a January one with different prompts?

  4. Tony Michele · January 7

    No new one from that writer. There are many prompts all over the internet if you’re looking for another one. If you do find another one, we can have a go at it together.

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