Days of Our Lives (VII)

These are the days of our lives
Dawn and dusk
Triggered outbursts and sober reflections
Gold and blue or black and white
In the fast lane where expressions have gone mobile
We’re caught up in a sprint
Possessed with trying to possess what we think would satiate our need
I wonder if anyone is awake in this loop or do we willingly go back to sleep
Red pill or blue pill, pick one
Slow down the ride and
Savour the experience
Toothpick a lesson or two while you’re at it.
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Some time last year, I was running a poem series titled
– ‘These Are The Days of Our Lives‘.
You can read the last entry to this series here.
This is another entry.

Days of Our Lives (VI)

Curtain Call

Like actors, we pretend
That our history does not testify of what we are
– Uncertain beings trying to lay hold on that thing
That if/when achieved never seems to satisfy us
Searching in everywhere, everything and everyone
But only the chosen few seem to truly get it
Like actors, we pretend
But every play, film or script eventually comes to an end

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