Untitled #54 & #55

This feels like home
It seems that God has smiled on me again
You; the answer to one of my many unuttered prayers
I have you; I’m for you

This feels like home
On my bed separated by only cotton
Holding onto one another, hoping that we can have this forever
You in my arms, and I in yours

This feels like home
To be loved but not known is superficial
To be known and not loved is jarring
To be known and loved is home

Home is you
Love is you
Forever is you
I’m for you


It certainly felt like home
It’s only fitting that the word ‘home’ would remind me of you
You; the answer to one of my many unspoken prayers

This feels like home
Home, alone
Reminiscing, trying to not get addicted to the pain


Found these. Incomplete drafts, same theme.