Untitled #44

O, I wish I could just proclaim this and it will be true
O, I wish I could just scream this and it wouldn’t be a boomerang of pain that’d return in a couple of hours, days or weeks
In this journey towards catharsis;
Trying to get over the sudden burst of the seam;
Just when I feel like I’m getting used to this pool of pain;
I am pulled under, almost drowned, by a memory, a song, a place, a poem..
It hurts.
Pain hurts.

Mo’Fame – Bridging The Gap “the EP” [Individual Download Links]

BRIDGING D GAP (Official Front Cover)

OK, been listening to this tape for a minute, good stuff on there. That nigga; Glenn on “L.O.L” kinda sounds like Morell tho, nice track. Just had to upload the individual tracks. Micheal excel is one “slept-on” producer tho, love his work on Griot’s EP also; one of those slept on tapes of 2012. I should write a review soon.

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