Letter To Her (Unfinished)

I found her
I found you
You know that thing that you feel and know is missing
But are not really sure what it is
Well, now I know
It’s you
I don’t know why I’m writing this
I just know that when and if I read this to you
You’ll know
You’ll appreciate

I’m trying to rack my brain
While not trying to run out of steam
So that I can finish this piece
Just for you
When I started writing this
I thought I had captured the picture I wanted to paint
But now I know
When I find you
It’ll be complete
I’ll just tag it unfinished for now.

In Slow Motion

Been working on a couple of articles for this blog and a couple of others. Found this unfinished one, and decided to post it.

“Organized or disorganized thoughts painted on a blank canvas
Most times I’m more concerned about the thoughts
Than the canvas they’re painted on
But art is more than just one piece of the “puzzle”
The beauty lies in the way the pieces come together
Or the “secret” signature the artist leaves on his work
Sometimes, it’s just about the train of thoughts that leave the station
Or the truth the art helps us unlock
When you take in the elegance and behold the beauty of the art”

Mo’Fame – Bridging The Gap “the EP” [Individual Download Links]

BRIDGING D GAP (Official Front Cover)

OK, been listening to this tape for a minute, good stuff on there. That nigga; Glenn on “L.O.L” kinda sounds like Morell tho, nice track. Just had to upload the individual tracks. Micheal excel is one “slept-on” producer tho, love his work on Griot’s EP also; one of those slept on tapes of 2012. I should write a review soon.

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