Ab-Soul – Fame + Some Old Shii


Yo! Its been a while since i downloaded new Ab-Soul music, excluding that freestyle that 2dopeboyz packaged (Absolute Assassin). Anyways, found some tracks on YouTube, and i decided to upload em and post em on my blog. I think they are old tracks though, some were supposed to be on LT2 apparently. I like the fame track especially.

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Jhene Aiko – Sailing Souls


OK, its been a minute since i posted some music on here,  in the next few days, i’ll be posting albums and mixtape, that i listened to that i really like. I’ll try as much as possible not to be limited to the rap, hiphop and shii. OK, on to the first post; Jhene Aiko, she collabs with TDE Black Hippy members on a regular, so i thought it won’t hurt to check out her own stuff, and she actually releases good music. She’s signed to No I.D’s label/Interscope i think.  Sailing Soul(s) was released in 2012; her first release. Good music. I was sincerely expecting an AB-Soul collaboration on it. They seem to connect well.

Check out my favourite track on the mixtape ; Space Jam



Download: Sailing Souls Mixtape

Soul Cry

OK, I find myself writing another “article” for my blog. Anyways, when I set out to “update” my blog, I wanted to write on the song that’s been stuck in my head for like 1 week now; Lupe Fiasco’s “Bitch Bad” his second single off his upcoming album; great song, can’t wait for the album; The Great Rap Album Part 1. Next, just got my own copy of Nas’ Life Is Good album, haven’t “listened” yet, expecting some great stuff though, for now though “Bye Baby” is the track on my mind, storytelling on point.

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