My Thoughts on the ‘Rap Is Deep, Poetry Is Deeper’ Project

The project comprises of 15 tracks, 2 bonus tracks, 3 featured artists and x Producers.

Omari kicks things off with ‘Judge A Tape By Its Intro’. An Intro either raises or lowers the bar of expectations as you begin to listen to a mixtape/EP/album, and it does just that and more. The Intro includes a sample of a Jay-Z interview where he basically says “Rap is poetry”. The bar was raised here for me; something different.

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My Thoughts On “The Truce Shall Set You Free”


In an era where ‘mediocrity’ is what is ‘popping’ in ‘the industry’, Dusten Truce’s debut Mixtape is a blessing. Perhaps, he should have put a disclaimer on the artwork or something that says “I don’t do no too much bars I’m feeling like a cell” kind of music. He keeps it classy from the production to theme of the different tracks.

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Oga Boss [Album Review]


Oga Boss; iLLBliss’ Sophomore full length album. It has it highs and lows; underwhelming collaborations (I am sorry, illyminate, graduate) as well as smooth , top notch collabs. There’s a lot of room for him to  improve his pen game. Truth be told, i prefer his story telling tracks to the conventional ones where he “stitches” rhymes together.


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AntiGravity Review

AntiGravity, Afrotunes’ first body of work as a solo artist. Became a fan, when I listened to his collaborative mixtape with Teeklef; Molar, nice piece of work. I have to be honest, was expecting a bit more cohesion on this tape, even worse, the title track was very disappointing, cool tho! Think we share the same birthday, not that that means anything.

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