In a heartbeat..

Can you hear it?
Have you felt it?
Can you see it?
It’s somehow both tangible and intangible isn’t it…
This I know; my heart beats for you..
Biology and science has nothing on you…
They say there are millions of bytes of information in a strand of DNA…
Listen close my Love, sometimes uneven, sometimes steady, listen…
There’s so much more in a heart beat…


  1. Tamie · July 29, 2018

    I can hear it
    But I’m unsure
    Unsure if I can trust it
    Unsure if I should trust it
    I’ve heard this rhythm before

    I can feel it
    There is so much to feel
    There is so much to heal
    There is so much we could be
    Just as I can hear the beats
    I can feel it
    The zing of our touch

    I can see it
    In your eyes
    My heart wants to accept
    What it sees
    My minds marches to question
    What it sees

    I’m sitting in the alcove
    Staring out at you
    Still unsure.

  2. Tony Michele · August 2, 2018

    Hi Tamie,

    This is beautiful! And I can totally relate.

    Alcove huh, nice 😀

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