Day 26 – Next Lifetime

There are no re-dos, no do-overs
The goal is to do all I can,
Be all I can,
Say all I can, while I still can,

There will be no next lifetime
And the time is short
Make it count.

Join in the fun!

Collaborations are welcome!



  1. Tamie · November 28

    I loved him from the first time I saw him
    I love him today
    Come next lifetime, I’m sure I will still love him.
    Do I tell him now or wait till then?

  2. Gods Kid · November 28

    its one shot we’ve got
    one bullet
    one chance to shoot
    To kill or to let live
    Its one life to live
    Theres no next life time
    Its one chance we’ve got

  3. Tony Michele · December 8


    Thank you for reading and commenting.

    Why does this remind me of Eminem’s lose yourself? 🤔

  4. Tony Michele · December 8

    I love this Tamie! 👍🏾

  5. Tony Michele · December 8

    You should consider taking up the challenge. Maybe January next year? It’d be fun.

  6. Tamie · December 8

    Thanks, TM

  7. Tamie · December 8

    Yeah. I just might. I enjoyed doing it these few days.

  8. Tony Michele · December 9


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