Day 8 – Where I Live

In a shattered country
In a land flowing with natural resources
In a terrible governance
In a land filled with beautiful people
In a flawed system
In a land of opportunities
In a divided nation
In a land of unity
This is where I live

Almost, but not quite there
Yearned for, but not quite satisfying
This is whre I live
On the other side of utopia

Temporary forevers,
The distance between nothing & wanting,
False hopes, closed windows & broken promises
With a skyline with a perpetual smile,
& a moon that bids me stay for a while…
This is where I live.


Join in the fun!



  1. KerryTosan · November 14, 2017

    🎆Love this

  2. Tony Michele · November 16, 2017

    You too can join in the fun! 😉

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