Day 2 – The Idea of You

if i could just say the sinners prayer in those final moments,
i think i’ve already figured out how i would go,
then i’d be okay on the other side
if i could just sow that seed,
close my eyes and just give that piece,
then all of my wants and needs would be sorted

so many ifs and thens
so many sniffs, tears and accusing fingers

what happens when one’s idea of, does not match the reality of
what happens when one’s interpretation of another’s communication is false and this revelation comes after a long distance has been travelled on the wrong path
what happens when one has to choose between truth and one’s idea of truth, however false it may be, however foolish he may seem for standing for truth

I want God, not my idea of God. – CS Lewis


I plan on undertaking the challenge below. You can join in the fun too.


I'm curious, what did you think? Talk to me; leave a comment

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