Musings :: All I Need Is A Pen (IV)



10 minutes, is it?
That’s all I need to come up with a full post.
I hope it’s enriching to my readers as well.
So I know that I mentioned a book giveaway a while back and I still intend to do that sometime this year.
The first book I’d be giving away is “Mere Christianity”.
My next post should cover the rules and whatnots to enter the draw.
it is going to be a random one.
I would rather the winner be close to my base of operation or living (haha)
but whatever happens, we’d figure something out.
I hope.

So I read this article earlier today about the parable of the sower in the bible
And it just reminded me of a sermon I heard some years back
I don’t think the sermon I heard was on the parable, but the preacher briefly mentioned it and
came to a doctrine of 1 out 4 from in there.
i cannot help but wonder how many more things I am going to have to unlearn or in this case remember not to forget.

We are so fickle.
human beings that is.
there’s this song by Alert312 titled “Eternal” that i really like
One of the line goes like this “Eternity’s forever true, written on our hearts it clue. Pointing us to another time, when all is new by God’s design.
Let me be honest, I am going to check google once the timer is up and ensure the lyrics are actually correct. Lol, don’t mind me.

The 21st century man is one that can unlearn, learn and relearn. the quote goes like that or something similar.
i am finding this to be a hard walk. unlearning especially.
it can be so hard.

it’s crazy how i feel.
it’s crazy how it is.
it’s just like they say.
and it’s not just like they say.
but all in all, i want to go the distance.
she’s worth it.

i would really love some feedback on the sort of articles that you like reading from me.
if you’re a consistent reader that is.
shoutout to Ehiscombs
your comment really inspired and motivated me
thank you to all the consistent readers
i want to say that you are the reason why i keep doing this
but nah. I’d be lying if i said I do it for y’all.
That’s definitely not (the first reason)

Time – 10 minutes, Words – 398

Read the article here. Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment.

Shout-out to Nedoux. More grace and wisdom. You inspire me.

A recurring afterthought:

I enjoyed undertaking the challenge. If you read through, join in? The more, the merrier.


  1. You are to time yourself – 10 minutes
  2. place a stopwatch by your side as you type
  3. backspace or delete button is a no no
  4. You must not edit what you type


  1. ehiscombs · August 10, 2017

    Yeaaaaahhhh, i got a shout-out, time to call my mama, “I have made ittttt”…….
    I think i will definitely try the 10 minutes challenge and yeah unlearning attimes could be a tough path
    to toe, but i have learnt a lot different from what i was taught growing up and it is a path i have
    chosen in order to be a better person.

    Please never stop writing, it does inspire me.

  2. Tony Michele · September 3, 2017


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