What Is Love?

To say ‘I love you’
to a spouse
A sibling
A friend
Or even an enemy

What does it mean
How hard or how easy is it?
Is it to indulge
Or to refrain
From ecstasy

Is love a being?
Propelling actions and/or constraining them?

I only ask the same questions as you
Cos I yearn for understanding and truth

Is Love is a catalyst, propelling and constraining

Will she bear with my inadequacies
And help me bear with others
Or will she make me leave when others seem repulsive or unbearable

Will she give to me and teach me to do the same even when it costs my all
Or will she make be give bountifully to those who’d give back and sparingly to those who won’t?

Will she be my biggest fan and teach me to laugh with those who laugh and cry with those who cry
Or will she make me covet their laughter and laugh at their pain?

Will she show me to stoop low to wash the feet of “unworthy” men
Or will she remind me of my “class” when others need help

Does she show me how to get along with people who have offended me or will she advise me to ignore and avoid them?

Does she teach me to make peace
Or fan the fiery furnace?

Does she uphold me to speak and do the truth or dodge because of fear of being stigmatized

I still have many questions on Love
I’m sure you do too

But this could help you understand Her(or He):
“This is love, in that while we were doing all sorts of evil, He died that we may live”

– Omotola


Guest writers and collaborations are always welcome.
Just holla (on here or any other platform) 🙂

Have a wonderful week.

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