Day 8 – Life // Days Of Our Lives (VII)


This was an entry for the ‘Days of Our Lives‘ series I published throughout last month. I thought it’d be fitting for the prompt for today. Looking forward to working on many more poems with this writer.

We feel

they are talking about us,
The stars and the moonlight;
About how you kiss me,
The way a child opens its eyes —
Slowly, unsurely, hopefully, questioningly,
but i love the taste of your lips even when they feel shy.

And I know the Universe must feel my turbulent heart beat
When I long for your presence
Or desire to have you just touch and hold me
Wait, listen, do you hear them speak?
About the sound of my gentle sighs,
The tears that slip from my eye
And the texture of your groan.

Oh, they must think us crazy
They must think we are mad
But isn’t it quite a pity?
That they can’t feel what we feel?
And although these feelings be a curse on days when you forget to return my love
I promise to remember you, until it hurts.




  1. Oréoluwa · December 9, 2016

    I have to express how jealous I am of people who write poems so beautifully.
    Gesssshhhhh… I am totally struggling here!
    This is beautiful.

  2. Tony Michele · December 9, 2016

    Haha. I know I’ve definitely been there before. The one you posted on your blog a while back wasn’t bad though.

    Yup yup, thank you for reading and commenting Ore 🙂🙏🏾.

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