Days of Our Lives (VI)

Curtain Call

Like actors, we pretend
That our history does not testify of what we are
– Uncertain beings trying to lay hold on that thing
That if/when achieved never seems to satisfy us
Searching in everywhere, everything and everyone
But only the chosen few seem to truly get it
Like actors, we pretend
But every play, film or script eventually comes to an end

These are the days of our lives
These are the tales of our strife
The double standards we live and die by
The contradictory messes that we sometimes are

Infinite beings yearning for something greater
Imperfect beings grasping someplace perfect
Becoming but never be-ing
These are the days of our lives


Tony is a wonderful poet who blogs here. (HA!)

I really enjoyed reading and publishing the wonderful entries I got.

Many thanks to everyone that was involved.

Thank you.

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