Musings :: All I Need Is A Pen (III)


Another entry.

Aha! Here I go again

It seems I have returned back to the the base of this familiar mountain

I wait for when I shall hear that voice

Saying: you have gone roundabout this mountain long enough

now is the time to ascend it

What is this mountain I speak of?

I cower to call it writers block

The things I wish to speak or write about

I write about them not

Therefore there is nothing to write

I’m back to that all too familiar spot of treading the line between what I want to share and what I shouldn’t

At least within the confines of this blog and what I want tit to be

My fingers are paining me now

I have had to do a lot of typing over the past few days – repetitive too

I have a post or rather a draft from yester-years I feel like I can post with a little disclaimer

But I don’t really agree or think the way I used to when I wrote that piece

I don’t want it to go to waste

I think this is me letting go of it

I’m hoping to finally start on a project that has only been conceptual for too long

It’s a poetry seris

The working title is “These Are The Days Of Our Lives”

I’m really hoping I can get the ball rolling before inviting other writers to join in

I wrote a little piece – in my mind that I was hoping ot expand on for today’s post

But its too late now

It goes

I go to bed, making plans, forgetting that I might never wake up

I go to bed, praying, knowing that I might never wake up

I go to bed and I awake knowing it is not of my own deed

I go to bed and I awake becuase the Lord sustained me

I think I read somewhere that we are in our most vulnerable state as human beings when we are asleep

That’s interesting

Uncertain beings trying to find some security

There’s this line from a message I listened to a while back that has stayed with me

The teacher commenting on James the apostle –

James says… I can’t remember the exact quote

I’d just include the tweet about it


Time – 10 minutes, Words – 383


  1. You are to time yourself – 10 minutes
  2. place a stopwatch by your side as you type
  3. backspace or delete button is a no no
  4. You must not edit what you type

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