Untitled #23


I wrote this as a comment here.

Dear Favourite Stranger,
I still reminisce on our chance meeting
Remember how I told you I should have been on the earlier train but missed it
In my mind, I thought “fate”
I’m hoping it brings us together again
This time I promise not to forget to get your contact
What I can’t promise is that I wouldn’t stare
That I’m sure I would
Your o so beautiful eyes
I couldn’t help wonder the stories they would tell
Till we meet again,
Your favourite stranger (hopefully)


  1. Yemie · November 7, 2016

    Am totally sold on this concept TM, its beautiful! πŸ˜„
    Once they say’s an accident, twice…a coincidence and thrice…fate! Perhaps the Narrator’s luck might be in and fate would be so kind to deal him a lucky hand in orchestrating another chance meeting and encounter between these two with seemingly unfinished business! Afterall, people cross paths for a reason don’t they? Hopefully, the purpose for which these two crossed paths is yet to be established…maybe; and for that, another opportunity would be afforded ’em if its one of ’em events that’s ‘meant to be’ and it’d simply be! In which case we’d be pointing our big fingers at destiny rather than just blind luck! 😁

    Kudos to you on this one TM, I like it!πŸ˜„

  2. Tony Michele · November 7, 2016


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