Musings #5


“Worrying is like trying to travel in a rocking chair.”

I read this quote while reading the book “To Live Is Christ, To Die Is Gain” by Matt Chandler w/ Jared Wilson. The writer(s) then go on to exhort one to worry at God. Anxiety and worry would almost certainly cost one something and almost certainly profit one nothing. One of my favourite songs this year from one of my favourite albums of last year (I hope to write a post on this very soon) reminds me again and again of this truth. ‘Give It To God’ by S.O. I wrote a post here on it. Read S.O’s powerful article on the song here. The album on which the song is on is reviewed here.


Are You Pregnant For Your Pastor? – Read Here

I read this article a while back and wasn’t quite sure whether to use it and what to actually say. Having just recently learned that someone I know may have been in a somewhat similar situation, and even current dilemmas that I face remind me of some quotes from a book that I started reading some years back (see image above).

“There are thousands who seem ready to believe anything in religion if they hear it from an ordained minister… The plain truth is that they are lazy and idle about reading the bible, and do not like the trouble of thinking for themselves.” – J.C. Ryle

In Musings #4, I talk briefly about the ‘making one’s mark in the sands of time’ and its sale in several places. It definitely has its allure. I read this article earlier this year; interesting to say the least.

Christians Don’t Have To Dream – Read Here

I read this wonderful poem yesterday, and I thought I’d share; Quote Unquote – Read Here







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  2. Sisi Akowe · May 16, 2016

    J.C Ryle is so right!

  3. Tony Michele · May 16, 2016

    Thank you reading and commenting 🙏🏾.

  4. Courtney · July 2, 2016

    Great musings. So true that we can’t take something as true just because someone who is ordained said it. It’s our responsibility to uncover God’s truth.

  5. Tony Michele · July 2, 2016

    Indeed, we ought to check, read and confirm from the word.

    Thank you for reading and commenting!

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