Pieces of Me


Pieces of me
Imprinted by words

I wrote this as part if a #6WordStory challenge on Instagram.

Few words; Stories untold

Whether we like it or not, we are influenced by a lot of things in this world. From what we read, watch, listen to, to even the actions of those around us – especially those on pedestals.

You gotta feed your soul with the right kind of stuff

O the actions that mold us
Intentional and otherwise

Those words go the other way too. Check the blog header.

Meditate on those words. Does anything come to mind?


  1. livelytwist · April 18, 2015

    Words are powerful. I try to watch what I tell myself.

  2. Tony Michele · April 18, 2015

    Indeed. They can tear down or build up. Thanks for stopping by Timi.

  3. wolfgericardo · April 23, 2015

    Words feed the soul with junk or health, depending on what you feed it. But it’s not about the words said by others to you, but the words you accept from others and the words you tell yourself. If someone calls you a failure and you choose not to accept it, it will not damage you. I know the power of words damaging an individual.

  4. Tony Michele · April 23, 2015

    True. It can be a two-edged piece. I think just like there are stories about words pulled someone down, there are also stories about the building up power of words. It’s just interesting. Thank you for your comment.

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