Old Souls

memoirs of love

I read the excerpt below from a poem in a book by @Pezi_ titled; ‘Memoirs of Love‘. It’s a beautiful work of art.


Time breeds age
Time births experiences
Time nurtures maturity
Time heals pain.
But as touching love
Time’s effect is slightly different
Time and love are siblings
Bearing similar natures
Time is continuous
So is love
Time never ends
So does love
Everyone is bound to time
So is every heart bound to love
Time is precious
Love is precious
Time changes people
And also, love transforms people
All in all love and time Leave their mark
On a man or woman
As they journey through the road of life
Time ages a man, and will certainly kill him
But love can keep a man alive forever.

Download ‘Memoirs of Love’ here; Memoirs Of Love

Beautiful work of art.


  1. livelytwist · June 2, 2014

    Lovely poem & photo!

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