Musings: I Lost My Way


This is me. Literally. At least twice every week.

Hoping for some inspiration and an escape from the snare of writers block only to find my hands to lazy to write the words with ink.

How about using technology? Mobile devices and the likes. When I finally get to that point, she’s left me. Partially I think, so now I have to come up with words to fill on the blanks, but most times when I come back to read it; it doesn’t quite add up, although sometimes it does- ad up.

Procrastination. Procrastination. I’m hoping that if I just write some key words from the blog post I’ve written in my head that I’ll be able to recreate or create the masterpiece that she gifted to me.

I was wrong. I was wrong. How I wish I had sucked it up– the pain that is and put pen to paper or fingers to the screen of my device and just written what came to mind.

Perception. Perception. How would they receive it? When they see it in their WordPress readers, would they scheme through it and give it the customary like? Patient enough to write a comment? I’ve lost my way.

That is not why I set out to do this. Of course we all want, crave and need some form of acceptance. But I did not set out to do this. I just wanted to unburden my self. Now my truths are laying dormant in my various draft folders on all my devices and journals. I go through the published posts and I don’t even recognise them. I wrote them, but, this was not what I set out to do. I lost my way.


  1. KerryTosan · April 23, 2014

    Reading the lot, Thinking the talk, in place of Writing the thought, I’m coming out! Get your ‘why’ and walk out.

  2. Tony Michele · April 23, 2014

    Yup! Yup! I’m coming out! 🙂

  3. livelytwist · April 24, 2014

    Ah, procrastination, the thief of bright ideas. I’ve learnt my lesson. I stop and write that bright idea because I may not remember it later.

    I have performance anxiety and wonder how my posts would be received too. I like to think that we feel this way because we care about our writing. As long as we don’t let them paralyze us.

    Looks like you’re already finding your way!

  4. Tony Michele · April 25, 2014

    Timi, your comments are always timely and on-point. Yup, I think I’m finally finding my way out.

    “You know better, you do better; the death of procrastination.”

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