The Fourth (Blasphemous Truth)

Wordy's Blog

Allow me introduce the already introduced “4th” Member of the Holy Trinity
Hmm Surprised?
He’s no stranger to you
His endorsement is your aim
Your heart bows at his name
Wrong or Right, you can’t question
He consumes your undivided attention

To what he’ll say you’ll look forward
To all he’s said, you’ll hold on
Follow the crowd! who wants to be left out?
Consumed by his cloud,  forget what and whom he left out
Where you unite with him is below your standards
You can’t tell, you traded your Golden boots for sandals
Yeah your standards from that Good Book
That places your needs above his good looks

Crucify me if I’m wrong or right
To uphold the truth, i signed up to die
Tithing is so there’ll be food in the Lord’s house
But it’s twisted to New Norms with short sight
Chase the Blesser just…

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