Mateo Vic – Memoirs of a Demon Slayer [Album]

Memoirs Of A Demon Slayer

I discovered Mateo Vic’s music in 2013 and I’ve remained a fan ever since. Memoirs of a Demon Slayer was released in 2013, and it was one of my favorite tapes. One of my favorite tracks off the album is ‘Rolling Stone’- listen and download below



Connect with Mateo Vic:- or his website

He released his debut project ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ in 2011. You can buy it on iTunes here:-


1. Heat Check (feat. Conscience)
2. Master of Ceremony
3. Wise Words
4. Remnant
5. I’m On Fire
6. Compromise (feat. Mys Ree)
7. Demon Slayer
8. Back Here Again
9. Pull Me Down (feat. Dat Phella)
10. Use an Angel (feat. Mandella)
11. Be Me
12. Sun Will Shine Again
13. Suicide
14. Omoshe Desiree
15. Born to Fly (feat. Godswriter)
16. Rolling Stone
17. Secret Is (feat. Reborn)
18. Terminator (feat. Bro Chosen & Bro At Will)
19. Wish You Well
20. Champion

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