My bro C-Slake just released his double EP download it here; RIDD.I.CC EP

I was featured on a track.

Lyrics to my featured verse:

That’s three i’s
You got three eyes
But what’s the use
When you can’t even see with your two eyes
This is a call to enlightenment
Self and otherwise
Open your eyes, Open your mind
Expand your mind; expand your horizons
Seek and speak the truth
Stop basking in the euphoria of the lies you’ve been fed or you’re being fed

I hear these people chanting power to the people
The power has always been with the people
Hosea 4:6
I call it self-annihilation
Thirst for knowledge
They’ll rather thirst after these lost ones
But It’s all love from this brother
I’ll rather just see you enlightened, illuminated and edifying others
Getting your priorities right
Less desirous of vain glory
And a couple of more things

“Study the youth and you’ll see that the end is upon us”
Study the ones in ‘power’ and you’ll see that the end has been upon us
They’ve got no vision; the people perishing with them
The power trip’s just fueling their self interest
That’s the wrong crest (It runs all the way down)
Lay to rest and you might just be laid to rest
R.I.P to the ones (souls) in Yobe
What we need is sanitization/a revolution
Old slaves/They(We) been slaves
Lets start with the mind

DOWNLOAD: PowerDigm – C-Slake ft Tony Michele

One comment

  1. Tony Michele · October 2, 2018

    I looove this verse. Ha! Ok bye.

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