Boogey – Spinning Lyrics


Lyrics to Boogey’s collab track with Bigfoot featuring Ese Peters. I hear, we might be getting a collab EP between those two. Whoop! πŸ™Œ
And ‘WAKA EP 2’ from Efa also.

Download ‘Spinning’ here; SPINNING

Verse 1:

I don’t want no trouble. I don’t I don’t want no trouble.

First of all I just wanna tell y’all dat I got no buzz and no drugs in my system..
..but I’m so high that I’m so tall,head in the cloud, feel like I know God and I’m with him.
Go hard till I’m stiff and..
..I wanna get a blow job from yo mom and your sister.
So sorry I’m twisted.
Wait! I apologise to nobody.I’m tripping.
I throw bombs when I’m spittin..
..but every rapper now gotta have a mohawk and the mission..
..Is flow dumb,no substance or lyric..
..And they say dat they so conscious of wisdom?
(Are u hearing me now).
There’s a new sheriff in town and your whole squad been evicted.
It’s my house, bye bye every nigga rapping, pack a bag, go squat with ur listeners.
Good morning your highness.
Gimme that been coming too poor with the rhyming.
Wanna find a dude better than me, better chance is you gonna find a whore with a hymen.
Everybody money too long or too tall and we getting too bored with the height man.
Just Cut it with a sword or a knife..
..And It just might make ur money too short with a hyphen.
So nice with it.
Polite lyrics.
Cold flow but I never throw ice in it.
Do a remix.I might throw ice in it.
(Feelin my superstar) then it turned supersun…and I myt just go all out filling up d whole sky with it.
Sing and Hit notes with autotune..and still blow, with Vic O ghost writing it.

Verse 2:

Fell down from olympus with a blazing pen.
I must be amazing then..
..I heard dat the wayward men..
..thought I kidnapped all the women when I said I got a way (away) with them.
I be on the first pegasus back.. the land of d gods.
Imma write 16s on a pegasus back.
Zeus will approve futuristic beats ith renaissance rap.
Hit em with the force of an immortal in the heaven and I be killin em’ wit a pen and a pad..
..and a venomous rap..
..In the tail of a rattle and in the head of a black mamba.
Better believe it I’m bomb and..
..I’m atomic.. thomases.
In a second imma take em. Imma wreck em.imma break em….Like a couple of promises..
..You fakers be making..chilling at the top of the totem.
..and imma run up and punish you.
I don’t spit man I spray..
..With a clip an you lay..
..In the dark in a box.
Thinkin about your soul, if it’s guarded or not..
..And who will inherit that car in your lot.
F that.
Is there an after life..
..Or a closed chapter right..
..After life.
Wonder why I’m asking right?
Wanna know what happens..
..after I..
..shut your casket tight.
Stand tall if u must. imma cut you down.
Came to lagos on a bus, too wild.
I was ready to combust and i just BOOM BLAOW!!
Leaving nothing but dust and a mushroom cloud.
Was an average joe..
..Then I Fell in a rabbit hole.
Didn’t see alice though.
Would have had cameras rolling..
..As she made my Phallus grow.


High as Bob marley in mount zion heights
(What’s Poppin?) Nothing much. pop corn, ready to watch Hot tamale.
Vicky Kimani and Saeon fight.
Man I hope tops come off..before the cops come.
Man I wanna watch porn. imma grab my
…Hey hey hey

I don’t want no trouble. I don’t I don’t want no trouble.

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