New Slaves

New slaves
But they deny the claim
We ain’t slaves
Only chain we got around our neck is that bling
They’re shining, can’t you see
But really they’re just reflecting
Why do you think they say shine bright like a diamond
They ain’t got no light for the stones to reflect

It’s all in the mind
Perception is key
That’s the word to soul brother number 2
Your perception affects your reality
We’re all slaves to a system
Slaves to our own vanity
I’m barely scratching the surface
This ain’t even deep enough

Chain heavy, Mind empty
It’s not really empty, it’s just filled with the wrong stuff
You gotta feed it with the right kind
They say seek knowledge
I say seek the right kind of knowledge
You can’t use real eyes to realize the real lies
There are no ‘fake lies’
You have to open your mind, to seek and see the truth.

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