Eyes On The Prize

I’ve got a race set before me
It’s one in which I’ve got no choice but to start
I have no say in how I start, but I do have one in how I finish
However, I don’t set the pace
God’s time is the best
I just have to do the rest, that’s my part
And at the end of my race
All I want is to be seated on his right
Like he’s seated on the right of the Field Marshall

Hence, from now I’m never breaking my ranks
I’ve made the discovery that leads to recovery
After all, we were all blessed to be a blessing
But sometimes I ask myself
Whats the point of living to leave a legacy
When at the end of days
There’ll be a new world order
That’ll seemingly run as a perfect system
That system that seems to elude us

Again and again, I’m reminded, he said “occupy till I come”
I have nothing against occupying, and vacating when he comes
What shall it profit a man if he occupies
But loses out on the real prize
He can be likened to a man
Who’s running a marathon
But quickly expends all his energy in the first lap
And never gets to the finish line
So time and time again, I gotta remind myself
And pray, asking for grace to run my race to the end


  1. rTx · August 20, 2013

    I Love it. ^^ … I really needed this. Thanks man.

  2. Tony Michele · August 20, 2013


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