My Thoughts On “The Truce Shall Set You Free”


In an era where ‘mediocrity’ is what is ‘popping’ in ‘the industry’, Dusten Truce’s debut Mixtape is a blessing. Perhaps, he should have put a disclaimer on the artwork or something that says “I don’t do no too much bars I’m feeling like a cell” kind of music. He keeps it classy from the production to theme of the different tracks.

This tape is definitely up there as one of the best this year, thus far. However, when he decides to slip some ‘punchlines’ into his bars, all we get is lines ranging from corny to weak as hell. I gotta give him props though, for keeping it as ‘boom bap’ as possible. And with production credits ranging  from The Sugarking to Kidkonnect, you basically can do no wrong on that side of things.
The Mixtape starts off with an ‘Intro by Kraftmatiks‘, then ‘Hold On‘ on which he talks about his hustle and come up on the streets. The beat/instrumental sounds very similar if its not the same one used on track 10 (beautiful day) of Lord V’s 234 The Mixtape.
Nobody Else‘ is just him basically telling a girl, that he doesn’t want anybody else, and hoping she wants and loves him back…Then right about the two minute mark, you find out you’ve been getting it twisted (if its your first listen). It’s actually a brilliant ode to hip-hop.
On ‘Get Away‘, he wants to take his girl on a getaway to THE place, whatever she wants, and ‘See’ is the tale of him talking to a girl he sees for the first time and is drawn to her cos of her smile and shii.
Caught Up‘ as the title suggests, he’s talking bout a girl who put her love on retail, and there’s no way she can be his, cos he can’t provide the material things she wants, sweet is simply not enough. On ‘Yours Faithfully’, he gets his Drake on.
Skyfall‘ is on another awesome SugarKing production, think the beat was on his “Night Market” beat tape. No story on this one, just bars like….”Me and my music got a bond like double 0 7/Niggas tell me I’m the bomb like 9 to 11″…”The name is truce, that don’t mean I come in peace”…etc
Boom‘, the track with the only feature Beatbuxx’s J. Berg,  still on that boom bap shii.
“the Industry’s washed up, all they do is baff up”…all they do is make ‘shit music’, sell it to us, ‘baff up’, turn around and tell us they only care about the money 😏😔.
Next up, skits; ‘Vector Skit‘ and ‘Punchline Skit’. Is it just me or isn’t putting a skit after another kinda wrong, but then again, the other skit isn’t really a skit.
The ‘Punchline Skit‘ is sort of becoming a norm, on which “Punchline/Wack rappers” are mocked. Ironic if you ask me, considering he dropped bars like “Omo, I dey trip die, don’t need a casket” on this tape.
So Gone‘, produced by Kid Konnect, sounds like something for Drake (‘Thank Me Later Era’).  ‘Word Life‘ is a  fantastic tape closer.
“You focus on the hype, you never really listen to the underdogs cos the ones at the top be sleeping”.
Favorite Tracks: Nobody Else, Caught Up, Hold On & Word Life.
Production – 4.5/5
Lyrics – 4/5 
This is a very good debut effort, better than some of the ‘rap’ albums or mixtapes put out by veterans and ‘blown up’ artists.
All ‘hip-hop/rap’ artists that want free but dope beats should check out The SugarKing’s beat tapes here. THE SUGARKING.
God Bless The Hustle.

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