#OneVerse #12 Boogey – Leave Me Alone


Perhaps (Maybe) that’s what happened on this track, cos next thing I knew, I got his verse in my mail. I don’t really need to annotate the lines; the usual Boogey, dope verse, referring to himself in third person and his usual twist of humor. Can we all agree he’s our ‘version’ of Kendrick for now? killin’ features.


Check out his lyrics and listen again.


“Oh Look. It’s the megamind back..
..with a brain storm..and they don’t want a weather like that.
Ratatat..Rrrain man..
..And the brain can..
..Be compared..to a pair..of DNA strands.
Thoughts twisted.
No, Raw gift since..I was..
..Born like a nigga had mystic powers.
Six sense..sick since..
..y’all forced me to get a killa instinct.
If you thinking that I’m talkin bout a video game.
Gimme yo brain.
Each lobe gonna be rearranged.
In the land of the mind fucks, I’m a porn star.
Come hard.
Everybody Sponge Bob.
I’m in a realm of my own.
A place outa space no one else wanna go.
Spinning in my own orbit.
Get a roof, floor it..
..If I can afford.
Need me a home.
Gotta buy one so leave me a loan..
..Then leave me alone.
Need space, I never have what it costs to own it.”

One comment

  1. Samuel · June 12, 2013

    That’s my man boogey,the lyrical poet

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