Who’s The Boss?

Written by @dami_maverick, Partly inspired by Truth #2.

Sometimes i wonder who we are deceiving. We gallivant gallantly through life like the tsars and caesars of our own destinies. We call the shots and shoot whoever stands in our way. Like the pompous peacock we flaunt our skills, wealth and what-not in the faces of those who have not. We are selfish in our decision making and then we have the audacity to utter;
“Oluwa is involved” <— Spot the bullshit

I wonder – No, I shudder at the reality facing us today. If truly there is a God intricately intimate with the affairs of our lives, then why are we stuck in ruts. This was Gideon’s question. Hope you remember Gideon. You can always google it. Have we taken the wheels from the Lord and taken pride in our own fickle ability. Who is driving the bus?

IF TRULY Oluwa is involved… then to what degree? Is he merely playing second fiddle? A backup plan when your plan A, B, C don’t turn out fine? Have you relegated the Grand Designer of the Galaxies to the substitutes’ bench? is he a mere janitor cleaning up your mess instead of being the centerpiece of this show called your life?

Seriously let’s cut the crap. if we are for God then let’s be for Him. These are not my words alone, men from Moses to Elijah screamed these words at the top of their voices. WHO IS YOUR BOSS!!!


  1. kunle kenny · March 7, 2013

    Precise and heartfelt!!!, More ink to your brain sir!.

  2. Vunderkind · March 7, 2013

    Short and sweet.

    A wake up call.

  3. brova KASALI · March 8, 2013

    By His grace, I am a man in my time screaming out on the top of my voice who MY BOSS is… He is ELOHIM. And may God continue to show himself as the BOSS through us to the watching world in Jesus name. Amen. God bless you both for this short and wonderful one ‘.’


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