Top 10 M.I Featured Verses



When people talk about M.I as one of Africa’s Top microphone magicians, they are quick to point out his “classic” album; “Talk About It”, his mixtape “Illegal Music 1” and his commercially accepted sophomore album; “M.I.2”. They are also quick to overlook or forget his features, he has been able to hold his own and show his more poetic talents. He goes hard and correct almost all the time.

In anticipation of the release of the first single off his third album titled; “Chairman”, we have compiled a list of top 10 guest verses. Tracks made with other Chocolate City/Loopy Music artistes were not taken into consideration.


10. E Don Dey Madt  f. M.I, 2Face & Lynxx  –  Sinzu DOWNLOAD

One of the standout posse cuts of last year. Four superstars on one track, and although not a standout verse, it just fits right in like a glove on a hand.

Shey your shirt na aeroplane because e dey hanger/trowey knockout say na club banger/ you look MI as in your father is a baga/ you dey madt, you dey craze, you dey para


9. Make Some Noise f. M.I – 2Shotz DOWNLOAD

Off 2Shotz’ “I Am William” album. M.I doesn’t just make some noise on this one; he displays bragging rights which he has earned.

Last year I was known by no one /And no one is taking away what this bro won/ Even on freestyles, call me the shogun/ I am jacking this beat; they can’t stop their own cum


8. Omo Naija f. 9ice, Terry G & M.I – Jamix DOWNLOAD

Upcoming artiste Jamix features three heavyweights on this track; M.I shows that he’s indeed a microphone magician, a lyricist on the roll.

The beautiful, the powerful, magnificent/ it’s evident, we resilient, no matter who the president/ We celebrate, exhilarate and elevate/Can’t eff with us like we celibate


7. Ghetto Life f. M.I – Adol DOWNLOAD

Smooth track from Adol with a very on-point verse from Mr Abaga. Dope but slept-on.

“If you have ever been a ghetto citizen/Where them boiz, agbero & them fellas in/Where they still waiting on Thomas Edison/No light, mama gotta cook with kerosene/Poverty and survival, everyday barely seen/To mentally break free is the most challenging/This is hard life yo, it’s the ghetto/Where living tests you hard, no NECO”


6. Feeling It f. M.I – Banky W DOWNLOAD

M.I always comes strong on a Banky W track, haven’t listened to his new album yet tho. M.I goes poetic and smooth on this one.

Then i caught your pretty highness, in my iris/And you infected me there, i caught the virus/ Like quick quick bring mopo, start the sirens/Arrest her please; she stole some of my items


5. Be There Remix f. M.I – 2Face DOWNLOAD

One of the very few standout cuts off 2Face’s Unstoppable album that were not singles. Two of the best on one track, what more can you ask for?

Be your security, so let me be your caveman/If you wanna get high, i can be Jamaican/If you wanna leave, i can be your vacation/Whatchu wanna listen to, girl i can be your station”


4. Overkillin’ Remix f. Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz & M.I – Djinee DOWNLOAD

Back when Djinee was still with Chocolate City, some say Mr Incredible murked his “boiz” on this record.

“they call me; how did he make it, break it, take it up to the pinnacle/some lyrical, hysterical, criticals taught me beautiful/I’m a beast, I’m a monster/ a legend I’m a rock star”**


3. Know f. M.I – Lami DOWNLOAD

One of Lami’s breakout singles off her debut album; “Intuition”. On this track, Mr Incredible brings his incredible talent for producing for soul singers (listen to Okay by Ruby) and his poetic side for the ride.

“baby, you’re simply so beautiful, your music couldn’t cue to you/I’m inside every molecule and follicle/…./I’m crazy about you, its amazing found you/I’m saying that I’m praying that no more days be without you”


2. 2010 f. M.I – Sound Sultan DOWNLOAD

Another anthem from Sound Sultan off his acclaimed yet slept-on “Back to the Future” album. Its 2013, and M.I stays lighting up the industry.

“to us masses live low cost/hunger, poverty choke us/you say there’s a new plan for us, there’s no light, how you gonna show us/All men just fighting ,thinking/Fuel rising, money sinking/PHCN so blinking, PHCN to the fighting/I keep on singing, writing, people voting, we coping/country broken, leaders heartless/open my eyes till darkness”


1. Life Anagaga f. M.I – Timaya DOWNLOAD

Very nice track off Timaya’s Upgrade album. A classic in my books. Mr Abaga laces the track with just the right verse.

Ask about me now, google M.I/I got so many shows they should call me the event guy/I fly so many times a year, i should rent sky


Compiled by @ayxdgreat

**All the lyrics are un-verified; add any corrections by using the comment section.


  1. blaqbonez · March 4, 2013

    Feeling it, know and life anagaga, those verses were simpley heavenly! And dere’s dis track I can remember, bt the hook goes “I like it when u luv me like that, I like it wen u luv me like dat” sumtn like dat his verse dey was dope! He was sitting on sum motocycle in d vid

  2. dekunle · March 4, 2013

    The song u r thinking of is “like this” by duncan daniels

  3. cj · March 11, 2013

    His verse on that phyno’s song remix ‘we don’t die we dey multiply’ was one of the best for me…..

  4. Nani · March 11, 2013

    How come his verses on nobody test me by jesse jagz and multiply remix by phyno didnt make the list? :-@

  5. Nani · March 11, 2013

    How come his verses on nobody test me by jesse jagz and multiply remix by phyno didn’t make the list? Those verses are doper than most of these. Anyway I love M.I though it’s all good

  6. Tony Michele · March 11, 2013

    the article says that collabs with choc city and loopy music artists were not considered…

  7. Nani · March 11, 2013


  8. lawrence · March 12, 2013

    “Way back then,i was so razz
    Before anybody ever heard my vocals
    Before awards, and the shows and promoters
    Man dey sleep by himself,i mean no gurls
    I remember wen guys couldn’t toast
    Cuz to toast ,you need bread and the bread wasnt clothes
    And the clothes that we pose with,to get noticed
    Was from Yaba bend-down and so no chicks
    But ask about me now, Google M.I.
    I gat so many shows,they call me the event guy
    I fly so many times a year,i should rent sky
    Keep it up for Mr. Incredibulent guy
    Call M.I, Mr. I don try
    I gat the Doe baby,wetin you wan buy
    And all my enemies now,wetin dey wan try
    I dey glow like the sunshine
    And now ,House i gat it,gat it; Money i gat it,gat it ; Clothes i gat,igat it ; Cars i gat it,gat it
    Anytin you want,baby gurl i can give you cuz i gat it,gat it
    Yes i gat it,gat it” Epic lines

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  11. fidel · March 27, 2013

    where d f*ck is 123 hiphop????

  12. Rafael Astino · April 29, 2013

    Expected to see Phyno’s Multiply and Shina Peter’s Like a bottle on this list. Jude delivered best on those two

  13. Django · October 22, 2013

    I tire oooooooooo…dats iz dopest ever

  14. @Elvissam · June 23, 2014

    MI is d best.. But i xpect to c His verse on Phyno’s Track Multiply rmx

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