What I Need

Another Poem by @Mahatmakendu

“Where am I going?

What am I doing?

I take a step forward, and then I find myself taking ten steps back,

I’m trying to do my best but it’s not good enough,

I’m alone, I’m weak, and my strength is not enough

I feel like the world is closing in on me

Every time I fall, I feel reluctant to get back up

How did I get here?

I deserve to be happy

I’ve decided to take a stand, so I’m taking a stand

I’m going to seek his face,

So I ask you Father to teach me your ways.

God is Love and Love is God; The bible tells me so

Therefore I ask Father that in your word,

You reveal the secret and the hidden mysteries to me,

The hidden word and not the story,

I wanna see beyond the black print,

That I may know you more.

I receive grace to never gonna let the world have a hold on me again

With you is true Joy, Peace and Happiness

You’re my only Hope…”

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