Cyrus Tha Virus – The Infiltration Mixtape [Individual Download Links]


Who wants to review the tape for the blog?


Intro: Modenine and M.I

1. Squad Up!!!

2. Termination(boom bap) feat Kanebi

3. Plethora feat Monemis

4. Hasta La Vista flow feat Boogey

5. Shakara On Point feat Tony Ross

6. (Skit)Ill bliss,Terry Tha Rapman, Pherowshuz

7. Igbo feat D’Truce

8. Swat and Bloodhounds 1 feat Godwon, Mtrill, Dtruce, Big T, Pherowshuz, A-Q

9. Swat and Bloodhounds 2 feat Godwon, A-Q, Lord V, Dtruce, Pherowshuz, Big T, Mtrill, Boogey

10. Swat and Bloodhounds 3 feat butafly,Barzini, Zoey Blaq, BlaqBonez, Feedback, N6, Ms Chief, Dtruce, Jberg

11. (Skit) Da suspekt, Kraft , Big Faz

12. It wasn’t given to me

13. One Mile

14. (Skit) Osagz,Fivemics, Bigg splash,M-trill


Intro: Zara, Tracey,Seyyidat, Cyclone,Olly

1. Yosi Lele

2. Ur way

3. R.I.O.T The club

4. Key to My heart

5. So Yoyo

6. Dat Shobolo

7. Attitude Girl

8. Gbedu High



  1. tha dysfunctional · February 12, 2013

    3 Letterzzz…OMG!!!:-O..A rapper haz 2 beee on sme “pHaroah-Monche” shit 2 drop diz kinda mixtape!!!!..Mode9(The Legend) gve Us “OTT” wich iz unarguabli da best mixtapE evurr…BOogey(The Intellectual) Gave us “artificial intelliigence”-nd ave stil got heez “RIGORMORTIS” verse on replay:-D….nd nw “THA INFILtRAtion”!!!!!?….#shaKara on point fo CYRUS mehb:-D,dix iz off da hook!!!!
    ..D way He mixez “Hardcore” nd “Commercialism” Iz EPIC!!!
    Nogerianzzzz!!!!..ah hpe yhu hve finally gotten d kinda RAP ALbums yhu wnt!!!:-D…..

  2. unknown · June 24, 2013

    I heard Cyrus beef Young six… Like he replied young 6 beef, can any1 refers d track to me pls?

  3. Tony Michele · June 24, 2013

    the title of the track is “black flag (never scared)”. check

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