C-Slake Decodes His Endtroduction Verse

Before he releases the intro of his EP; “The Riddic EP” tomorrow, C-Slake decodes his verse on Mo’Fame’s Endtroduction verse, which happens to be the last verse on the EP. Check it out!


“Rappers with ponyskin, caught up in a ponzi scheme

Approved by the polity, feel they reside in PontyPridd

My parachutes are upwards facing, others caught in a

Paradox of thrift, paragon I’m it, de la fin

Alone in my pantheon, when u spit I see a pantomime

U invite ur own catastrophe, and tempt me back to crime

hate killing cos it’s cruel, my passion burns, u r fuel

Bust a nut in seconds, d speed of my rage in a duel

I’m a pedophile in this shit all I see is kids

I’ll fly u to be killed in combat, I’m general sixteen

Let me dumb down a lil for u rappers who r lost

I’m the kind to sing ur hook n then kill u with a verse

I’m not averse to a terse verse, I’m a tad wicked

Those who see me spit to a mic seem to have admitted

Cote D’Azur , Saint Tropez, Avignon

Can’t feel ur weak flows, therefore I’m having none”


Rappers with Ponyskin (soft rappers)

Caught up in a ponzi scheme (in a Ponzi scheme, your own money is used to defraud u…so basically, the only people praising these fake rubbish rappers are people they know. Their family, their friends who obviously lie to them cause they can’t tell dem they are wack so as not to hurt their “fragile” feelings)

Approved by the polity (the only cosigns they get are politically motivated. Lip service. And ppl they’ve paid to hype n promote them. Everyone outside their circle knows they are wack)

Feel they reside in PontyPridd (PontyPridd is a town in Wales)…(So since they r so hyped up n all around them people paint beautiful pictures of their (rubbish rappers) lyrics, they are deluded into thinking they are in more advanced territory than they really are (Nigeria)…

My Parachutes are upwards facing (therefore even if I fall off instead of falling down to earth I’m still headed to the top. My worst will still take me to the top)

Others caught in a Paradox of thrift (the paradox of thrift is a complicated paradox assuming that if everyone saves during a recession, it will reduce demand and therefore improve the economy. However, increase in total savings in an economy is actually Detrimental to the economy. The analogy here is that where dope rappers are concerned there is a recession. We need more dope rappers.
Now many rappers believe that if they save their best for when they are signed/they blow, it is best for them and rap cos that’s when more people will hear their dopeness. The paradox here is that by doing that, the lack of dopeness and tough spitting rappers increases as everyone sounds commercial EVERYTIME n when they do blow they won’t want to change the formula dt has worked for them thus far. Alternately, if they get signed, the record label will restrict them a lot to do mostly “commercial” tracks. In the end it’s more of the same and the rap game suffers more. In the previous line I said, I expect that I might fall off eventually but its d opposite of what the rest are doing cos I’ll start by giving off all my lyrical ability until I blow n run out of lyrics to spit. While I’m improving the game cos I spit true n dope n I’m all for lyricism, they worsen it by fooling themselves into thinking they would one day spit dope lyrics when they blow or get signed. They don’t know they r caught up in a paradox of thrift)

Paragon I’m it, De La Fin (I’m the definition of perfection, Le Fin! The end.) (It’s Le Fin not De La Fin but De La Fin was intentionally said)

Alone in my Pantheon ( A Pantheon is a temple for gods. I’m a lyrical god n I’m the only one on my level therefore I’m alone in my pantheon)

When u spit I see a Pantomime ( A pantomime is a kinda mime. No words just gesticulation/action) (therefore when these wacks spit, what they do with their hands is more interesting than what they spit. Yeah they r THAT boring)

U invite ur own catastrophe tempt me back to crime. (It’s literal. I’ll rather not be involved in a lyrical battle with these lesser rappers but they keep tempting me by throwing disses my way/spitting horrible metaphors that I’m getting tempted to call ’em out on it n lyrically behead them)

Hate killing cos it’s cruel (I hate committing crimes like killing rappers cos I’m a nice guy (remember they r tempting me to do it))

My passion burns you are fuel ( my passion is a continuous inferno and wack rappers fuel it with their corny lines. The inferno that is my passion will use up any available fuel. Therefore, they’ll get consumed in my fire)

Bust a nut in seconds the speed of my rage in a duel (like a virgin boy who already has a natural problem with premature ejaculation seeing live booty for the first time…….YEAH he’ll cum in seconds…and those seconds is the speed with which I can get pissed off by corny rappers n their rubbish lines n lyrically end them)

I’m a pedophile in this shit all I see is kids ( self-explanatory. Pedophile —-> kids)

I’ll fly u to be killed in combat I’m general 16 (before I can battle u, I have to bring u up to my level… “Fly u” cos we aint the same level. I’m way higher. And there’s only one outcome, I murder u. So therefore, I’m flying u simply to kill u in lyrical combat…….I’m General 16….when it comes to spitting dope sixteens, I’m boss! I’m a General)

Let me dumb down a lil for u rappers who r lost (incase u don’t understand all the sick lyrics I just finished giving u, let me come down to ur level n speak the simple language u understand. Since u aint yet at a level to grasp my advanced bars)

I’m the kind to sing your hook n then kill u with a verse (this has many explanations but let me put it this way. I’m a rapper that sings—— I’m soft blah blah I’m like Drake. I’m soft as tissue blah blah.———-but then, the same me that u diss cos I sing n u presume is soft will then pick up a verse in your own song n murk u! Who is soft now??????????)

I’m not averse to a terse verse I’m a tad wicked ( I have no aversion to spitting an angry verse. Piss me off I’ll reply in that very angry mood u put me n that’s a really bad time to catch me but hey who cares? I’m wicked mayneeee)

Those who see me spit to a mic seem to have admitted (people that have seen me in the studio or performing – with a mic – claim I’m always angry n shit when I spit. Funny, I haven’t spit a verse angry before to any mic whatsoever. And they thought I was angry. Now begin to imagine my anger n how wicked it would be. An angry me on a mic)

Cote D’Azur, Saint Tropez, Avignon. (They’re all coastal towns in France. Said to buttress the next line. Note that at the coasts, the flow is kinda weak. The ocean comes and goes a la bar beach…get it? *in Vector’s voice*)

Can’t feel your weak flows therefore I’m having none (this is the culmination of the whole verse. Soft rappers (from first line) are soft cos their flow is weak. They can’t go hard. 😥 so after describing all that I would do to them if they try me, and how much the hype has blinded them to how wack they are, I tell them where to start from if they wanna be dope. Their flow; It’s too weak. Improve it then maybe I’ll have some. But I can’t take u serious till u come at me with a better flow. Therefore, till then, I’m having none of it)

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