Top 20 Guest Rap Appearances of 2012 Out of Naija (10-1)

Here’s the rest of the list of those that caught our attention the most, success wise and lyrics wise, especially the guest or featured acts that tried to usurp their hosts behind the mic. Feel free to add records you think should have made the cut by commenting :), Bless!

10. Loose Kaynon on Lost by M.I; I should probably say this here; Illegal Music 2 dominates this top 10(just like 4 entries). Shout-out to M.I for putting all of them on. Released in 2011, but since my nigga put 2012 on here, I had to put this one on too. Loose went toe to toe on this one, he shows us why M.I signed him to Loopy Music. I hope he releases his debut tape on the label soon.

“…the game had its head bowed down, I’m the facelift…”

“…they can’t take what’s yours, but it’s fun to watch them try…”


9. Ghost on Heart of the City by M.I; Another Illegal Music 2 offering, M.I got the services of SDC (Ghost and Tec) on this conscious and mellow hip-hop joint. The guests surely didn’t disappoint as usual, Ghost shut it down though, flow wise, delivery wise, what else?

“…I swear down, sometimes, there’s two people living inside me; angel and demon playing tug of war with my body…”

“….my city is a beast, street full of piranhas, that’s why I don’t sleep like I lost all my pyjamas…”


8. Poe on Stuck With You by The Bandits (Khali Abdu X Kid Konnect); Off arguably 2012’s best EP project; One of my favorite rap joints for 2012, Kahli blessed us with this track and brought a couple of friends along on this. For me, Kahli was good, XO came through but I was most impressed by the ‘underdog’ Poe, his delivery was on point, a bit of imagery with his lyrics and for me he was the glue in the middle that made this joint thick.

“She told me that she need some change like I become some toll gate…”

“…I’m forced to keep a smile; I should have worked for Colgate…”


7. Boogey on Ridiculous by M.I; On Illegal Music 2, M.I gave some young cats shine time and one of those who took his ‘15mins of fame’ very well was Boogey! Very nice sampled beat, shout-out to Chairman! It began with an unnecessary intro but when Boogey came in, damn! We all know he murked the joint ridiculously. Even Timi had to write a #OneVerse on that shii. Shout out to Hench tho, another slept-on verse.

“….I love hip-hop to death, I am Romeo in a body bag…”

“….punchlines, punchlines, and I hope they punch you back…joke around, I’ll eat you clown, so you’ll die jesting…”


6. Boogey on Machine Gun Flow by A-Q; Shoutout to A-Q, who did loads of stuff with other emcees during the year, on this one, he had the Rap Rookie of the year; Boogey as a guest. Did Boogey have the machine gun flow? “While you’re mad, I was in the studio, spitting writtens, you were tweeting your bars or tweeting at Don Jazzy like please follow back and tweet me recharge…” This boy’s shrink surely needs more shrinks cos he owned this joint.


5. Vector on Kitchen Street by Sinzu; Even with one verse, Vector was a champion on this…… “Vec is a beast, Sauce is an animal, look where we at, now you seen zoo……….Cos I’m a lord here like Eva’s last name” Enough said.


4. Vector on Distractions by A-Q; A-Q hosted arguably rap’s poster boy for 2012; VEC. The first verse was delivered brilliantly by Mr. Gilbert, then I heard the 2nd verse and for the 1st time in a long while, VEC spat with venom and fewer forced wordplays, his verse had everybody talking, even Remi had to chill after this; “…Cos u bleach your skin don’t mean your enlightened, pig…”…..From the picture that I saw, you’re an eye sore…..if your men draw guns, they must be skilled with pencils”….. Vector owned this joint like a guest paying off the host.


3. A-Q on SWAT & Bloodhounds I by Cyrus Tha Virus; On Slaughterhouse’s Hammer Dance beat, Cyrus hosted a bunched of Mcs for a great display of lyrical fitness, but who slaughtered the house? For me 2 MC’s owned this joint, Godwon and A-Q both left verses that were too hot to handle and had crazy quotables for fans to tweet, but A-Q killed it with his killer flow(MGF) & lyrics! “…Alcoholic knowledge, you can say I’m drunk on power…”

“….while they’re asking what the true religion is, I just wanna stack paper in my true religion….”


2. Olamide on Ghost Mode by Phyno; Success wise, it was arguably the biggest rap collabo for the year, Many will argue that Olamide topped Phyno on this based on him communicating with a larger audience but beyond that, Olamide came through with the right attitude, proper delivery, street wise lyrics and his flow was indeed not nice, o dabi machine gun.

“….one man mopol, mi o ni record label; awon to sign yin, ibi to mo de, won le de be….”

1.  Phenom on 6ft 7ft by M.I; This song dropped at a point when a few were beginning to question M.I’s lyrical skill and many were unsure about the new buzz coming from the Knight House’s stable in form of Phenom. Who killed the song? Still being debated till date but with bars like “…spitting on bars like pregnant chicks during detention……..I never back down cos I am not a fan of gidigbo”………. And the line that had twitter buzzing; “…By June next year, I’ll be trying to get my May back…” This was surely a guest who was as comfy as the host.




Compiled by @ehiscombs

Edited by @tmeogunde


  1. Sandeen · February 6, 2013

    AQ shoulda top this list tho,y’all need to consider d fact that he was on dat joint with so many dope emcees,and he unsurp them all!…

  2. Sandeen · February 6, 2013

    All in all, na 9ice compilation tho…y’all keep it up!…

  3. tosinadeda · February 6, 2013

    I agree with all, except Kitchen street . . Sinzu was a beast with the flow!

  4. tosinadeda · February 6, 2013

    Reblogged this on tosinadeda and commented:
    Y’all should check this out

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  6. Kolade foluke · February 7, 2013

    Waiting for yours @ Combs

  7. ehiscombs · February 7, 2013

    Oh well…………. Noted,thankso

  8. ehiscombs · February 7, 2013

    Bless…. Appreciatea

  9. ehiscombs · February 7, 2013

    Reblogged this on ehiscombs's Blog and commented:
    My 2pence…….

  10. Trae Zeeofor (@trae_z) · February 9, 2013

    “Many will argue that Olamide topped Phyno on this based on him communicating with a larger audience”

    Anyone that doesn’t understand or speak both Igbo and Yoruba well cannot objectively have a say on this. I really really really hope you understand both well…though something tells me you’re just another Yoruba touting Lagos boy.

  11. Trae Zeeofor (@trae_z) · February 9, 2013

    “Many will argue that Olamide topped Phyno on this based on him communicating with a larger audience”

    Unless you’re very fluent in both Igbo and Yoruba you cannot objectively give an opinion on this. Sorry.

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  13. Faustus · February 10, 2013

    Phenom started out weak on 6ft 7ft, but he ended strong. I love that 5 of your choices came outta IM2 ( great mix tape) and dat Vector made the list also… i strongly believe that XO Senavoe should be in it for the “XO bit”…

  14. d'ace · February 20, 2013

    Really I think Ice Prince’s verse on M.I’s ‘Fuck You’, track 10 off I.M2 ought to make top 10…Ice went ballistic on that verse. All in all, very nice compilation

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