Untitled #10

They say Timi, why are the poems so short?

Why don’t you write something so long,

You’ll wonder for so long how you managed to come up with such rubbish

OK, let me tell you another reason why I do this;

I do this cos I know I gotta die empty,

I do this cos I know this earth’s gotta know,

That someone named T(me) passed through this place,

I gotta write as many as I can,

Touch as many lives as I can,

Inspire as many as I can,

I don’t do it because I can’t,

But by his grace at work in my life,

Even if I wasn’t made for this,

I do this for some soul therapy; To capture my emotions, my thoughts and some feelings,

Then I use my thoughts to put in some fillings

And stop when I think I’m beginning to babble.


  1. Aunty Hotstuff ♥♡ · February 1, 2013

    I love ur poems short :).

  2. Tony Michele · February 1, 2013


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