Top 5 Vector Featured Verses of 2012

I have being listening to Vector ever since I heard him on Bigiano’s Shayo remix, then Kilode featuring Emmsong and then his song for Nigeria. After been featured on over 20 songs in 2012, Vector was virtually the most featured rapper of 2012. He hopped from one song to another, both remixes and original tracks, from one genre to another.

The selected tracks were based on Storyline, Lyrics, Delivery and Flow.

1. Distractions – A-Q Ft Vector: His (beef ending) verse on this song was a reply to Reminisce’s ATA diss track; he totally steals the spotlight from A-Q, not a complementary verse in any sense. Vector was a viper on this beat by Jayy, he was rapping with some venom. Crazy and hilarious punchlines like “…just because u bleach doesn’t meant u are enlightened pig…” The entire verse is clad with good wordplay, punchlines & some multies. Some would argue that he murked A-Q on his own song.

2. Good Life – Timaya Ft Vector: On the first track off Timaya’s new album; Upgrade, Timaya &
Vector reminisce, they say good bye to the hard life, and welcome to the good life. VEC comes correct on his verse with some “Outkast”wordplay among others.
“….I used to be the outcast, ironically, this big boy is too big for André, so I’ll pass…”

3. Better Remix -Oritshefemi Ft Vector: For me this is my favourite vector’s verse for 2012. The pidgin flow was awesome, good story about the rough life that everyman in the ghetto has to go through, very complementary verse.
“….how people go do the work wey no dey/how you wan make dem show the love wey no dey….”

4. Kitchen Street – Sinzu Ft Vector: A couple lines off his verse on this track spurned the short-lived beef between Reminisce and himself. He started off like “….for all those boys wey they show, ta ba fe ma form bi eni pe eyin lata, a ni Tomato to ma to”. Many quotable lines on this one;
“…I come hard on the flow, semen, no Fujitsu…”
“…my kicks shine sohard, I should shine a Kiwi endorsement…”

5. Oga Remix – Sledge Ft Ade Piper & Vector: This is more of a contemporary gospel song, the original song featured Cobhams. VEC tries to stay on point, he still goes ham though.
“…If I look down on you, you’re vexed, but if he looks down on you, you’re blessed….”
“…but the Faith in his grace erases the disgrace…”

WTF is (h)airsense tho?…or what did he say there?

Other songs worthy of mention include; Street – Terry Ft Vector, Bebedi Alhaja Remix Ft Vector – Sexy Steel, Dancing In The Sun Ft Vector – Clay, Awon Boyz Ft Vector, Olamide, Pherowshuz – Terry Tha Rapman etc.

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