No Malice – Smoke & Mirros f. Ab-Liva [Download & Lyrics]

smoke & mirrors

No Malice released this song a while back, this year though. He features Re-up gang member AB-Liva, deep song; Smoke & Mirrors. Just had to put it on here, download, listen and read the lyrics below.



[Intro -No Malice]
When I was a child
I thought as a child
I talked like a child
I even reasoned like a child
But when I became a man
I put away childish things

[Verse 1 – Ab-Liva]
It’s like the blind leading the blind
They caught up in the shine
The tokens of success is not clearly defined
The watermelons gone and all that’s left is rind
And yet you keep eating, eating
But in the back of your mind
If somewhat you rewind
Ever wonder why they continue to let you dine
Place a glass ceiling, continue to let you climb
Place drugs in the hood and pretending to let you grind
That little job they pretending to let you find
Boxed in, they continue to let you mime
That little deal they continue to let you sign
Peep it, they spent more on spilled wine
Yeah, I gotta speak to my kind
Call me 8:45 cause both hands on the 9
It’s from the heart and it’s so sincere in every rhyme
I could let the wheel go, the Lord steers every time
If no child left behind, black faces on the first 48 look like mine
Yeah, cause when that nigga in a bind
The ones in position from my view look like Shyne
Damn, and we the culprit in the crimes
In the pulpit, niggas lying, they just pokin’ at the lion
‘Til my soul start flying or frying, I’mma be defiant
It’s written on the wall like a Mayan

[Interlude – No Malice]
You know, the truth is a funny thing
I mean, it’s a double-edged sword
It separate bone from the marrow
Spirit from the flesh
And if it’s a lie, then say it’s a lie
But if it’s the truth
And that saw hits you
All you better do is say ouch

[Verse 2 – No Malice]
It’s of a biblical proportion – what you are witnessing
Spiritual abortion – slaughter of innocents
Guilty as charged, destruction of a lineage
Now pray father God, you allow me to repent of it
And any crime scene that bear Malice’s fingerprint
I pitched those keys like a tent, without thinkin’
Even served our own mommas, without blinkin’
Walking dead, clueless, no inkling
Within a twinkling, seeing what I was made of
While y’all speculate Clipse break up
Well think it not strange if I’m Abel to his Cain
Hell, even Esau had a Jacob – I ain’t trippin’
And what’s with all this swag I ain’t feelin’
Gotta get that money, huh, nah, I’m chillin’
And I ain’t sellin’ my soul for no million
Cause that dead-end rap can’t even crack its glass ceiling
Why such blasphemy
And anger toward a God which none hath seen
Hmm, leads me to believe
That there’s a wee bit more to this Jesus thing
And they use his name to sell them pies
Cause it take a lot of truth just to sell that lie
Yes, even now I repent
Of the circus acts, same clowns, different tent

[Outro – No Malice]
I mean, if we gonna kill the kids
Then let’s kill the kids
Pop that molly, right?
I mean, load them choppers, right?
Homeboy, the line’s been drawn
And if you find it evil to serve the Lord
Then choose this day
Whom you will serve

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