I’m Just Trying To Let It Go

You know I was considering (still am) writing an open letter to Jesse Jagz, I just want him to release another project this year, it’s been like forever, but I’m thinking it’s not necessary anymore or it’s not my place.

Lemme digress a bit , one day I was surfing the web and I saw a link; Jesse Jagz 160 bars freestyle can’t remember the exact title, and I was like this should be cool and shii, so I download the video and I all I get is a clip of “nothing”; like 12 bars or so, but it entailed mostly shii that I do not give a fuck about, like how he’s not going to be producing for anyone other than himself kind of shii. When I even “asked” about the full video on twitter this year, someone was like “Let it go”, and ats what I’m trying to do.
There was a time I really though Jesse Jagz was that guy that was gonna take Choc City to the next level, but what do I really know.
Anyways, I was kinda pissed off cos the title of the post and the video was misleading. In an era of too much technology, I have to wonder why we(I really mean me) have not gotten to see the complete video, I mean, he did do it on a stage, at a show/concert, not in one underground studio, you don’t just “say” shii like that and not give a fan proof.
I think it’s time I let it go, I can’t keep getting disappointed, y’all remember the “murda song? We had to wait for like how many fucking months before they released the full song. It wasn’t like the song leaked or something, he premiered it I think on national tv; I’m assuming that they show Nigerian Idol on national tv. Now that I think of it, international artistes do that shii, not on national tv tho, so I’m wondering whether I should be complaining about it, but that’s just how I feel. Truth be told, I kinda prefer the “incomplete” version, couldn’t find it on the web last time I checked, not that anything can ever get totally wiped off that shii.

I'm curious, what did you think? Talk to me; leave a comment

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