Ok, this poem was written by a friend; @mahatmakendu (Popoola Kehinde). Check it out! God loves you.


“Sometimes it feels like we don’t have anything to offer

We are disappointments to ourselves and others that expect lots from you

Burdened by life, we just want to live fugaciously

We just want everything to end in a split second

Thinking the Universe’s only plan is to make us suffer

Our minds, clouded by consternating thoughts compounded by the intricacies of life

Like someone hasn’t gone through a lot worse

Why give up so easily?

Life is not fair to all, which kinda makes it fair

It only gives way to the pugnacious

Everything may not make a lot of sense now, but that doesn’t give us the right

To not try, to make our lives better, to use it for something good

There is only one solution and sure way

Connecting back to the Alpha and the Omega

The one who brought us here that will never give up on us

He may let us bend but he’ll never let us break

I personally don’t know how I’m gonna get there, but I work by faith

For the just shall live by Faith”

One comment

  1. Peter · January 15, 2013

    Nice bro good one

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