Rewind, WTF did he say there? #1

Ok, so I’ve been wanting to start this series for a minute, but i’ve been a like hesitant and shii, but i’ve decided to go ahead anyways. So i was listening to “Naalu Ekene” off illbliss’ sophomore album; “Oga Boss” which i reviewed on here, anyways, i finally “heard” what he said at a particular point in his first verse and i was like that’s some sad shii yo 😦 …two lame lines following each other that dont even make sense; all in an effort to rhyme. You know when i first thought of this series, i had one of his lines off this song and i was like this guy is supposed to be a boss and shii, at least that’s what they tell me.

Anyways, i dont want to go off on a rant, but lemme address this issue i fell is important, at least to me, just in case i happen to change someone’s mindset too. Kinda like killing two birds with one stone.

Since we are “emulating” foreign artists and shii, and we are trying to push our music to the world; internationally, shall we take another cue from them also?; “Digital Booklets”; they usually contain some pictures/artworks, all the lyrics (complete and correct), information about all the people that worked on each song and the project as a whole from the composers, to producers, to the mixing engineer(s), songs sampled during the production of a track etc. I know they are usually on iTunes (that’s the only one i know of), and you get them when you purchase an album on there (if the artist/label includes them when sending the album to iTunes), why don’t we or they since I’m not really in the industry switch it up and make them available to some “concerned” fans like myself online, like on the artists blog or website or his labels’. I know most artistes dont even have one, they think having a twitter account and a Facebook page is enough. Anyways, i dont want to get sidetracked, kindly make em available, its not that hard to make one.

Yesterday, i saw my first or second one i think; from a Nigerian artist and it was even for a mixtape! Not even an album, that’s some cool shit in my books yo! talk about packaging. I’m talking bout Teeklef’s NOBIS mixtape, i think Afrotunes’ mixtape; “Anti Gravity” had one too, not sure, too lazy to check. Anyways, Teeklef’s own didn’t have any like lyrics or pictures and artwork, just information about each track, sample credits, composers, mixing engineer(s) etc It was nice; kinda plain tho.

I didn’t write this in the written draft of this article, but i just feel i should like put this on here; whats the purpose of having a website or blog and shii if you dont update it regularly, especially as a company. talking bout chocolate city group’s website. You know, when BrymO’s album got released i was kinda “trapped” so i couldn’t get a physical copy of the album and i was like wondering which features were on the album other than the usual suspects, and i couldn’t even get that info on the site, you know they have a discography section, and i expect things like this to be like updated regularly, they dont even put the producers there…*smh. Btw BrymO X Efya’s duet on his Choc City debut >>>>>. Truth be told i didn’t even know she was featured on the track until i got the physical copy, last time i even checked iTunes, she wasn’t credited as a featured artist, i dont care tho….jst saying.

Back to the subject matter of the day, i really cant express how much love i have for music tho, but this lines are just <<<<<

If you think they make sense, and you can like explain them and shii, just comment, thanks 🙂

1. “…my persona’s so full of aura…” – illbliss on “Naalu Ekene”

When i first heard this line, i was like, WTF, what the fuck does that mean. It simply does not make sense.

2. “…our names don’t die-a-spora(diaspora)…” – illbliss on “Naalu Ekene”

LOL….anyone he’s saying still doesn’t make sense…i actually thought he said something that made sense :(, but when i finally heard, i was like WTF! Senseless wordplay.

3. “…I’m a king till the crown fits….” – Phenom on “ShukuShuku BamBam”

Like WTF does this line even mean? pls explain….i might just be trying to “read meaning” into it when there is none……perhaps he meant literally…his head is too small

4. “….my name is Lanre, A-Q is Gilbert, and you wouldn’t survive the flow if your parents had a gill birth…” – Vector on “Distractions”

The much talked about verse…..*sighs*…remind me again what is a “gill birth” or why humans would produce the breathing organ of a fish….the flow is too overwhelming you can’t breath?….

Next time, depending, I’ll try and make the list “extensive”. When i listen to some raps i expect  “enlightenment”, some poetry and shii, dont be giving me shitty lines and some empty shii.

BTW, just checked choc city group’s website, cant even find the discography section again….its not like they have “extensive” wikipedia pages and shii…*smh….


  1. tosinadeda · January 14, 2013

    Reblogged this on tosinadeda and commented:
    Interesting piece, decided to share with you guys

  2. LV · January 14, 2013

    Correction, Ill Bliss said “Our names don diaspora”.. he was speaking pidgin. trynna say he’s worldwide now

  3. Ziggy · January 14, 2013

    Spoken well bruh

  4. Hov · January 14, 2013

    Vector actually meant if your parents gave birth to anything with a Gill you wouldn’t survive the flow..well we all gotta know Vector doesn’t just say shits.

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  6. iambigdan · January 22, 2013

    Pls be certain of some lines Spat b4 kicking off into criticism…..
    Most of tha lines quoted above aint as written as said by tha rappers……

  7. Tony Michele · January 23, 2013

    Which lines are not correct? How do u know they aren’t?

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