Clone Wars Vol. 2: The Subsidy [Review]


Clone Wars Vol 2: The Subsidy; the last in the series of the Clone Wars Mixtapes by Show Dem Camp. This is a Mixtape and they do no wrong on a slightly longer tracklist compared to Vol 1. The featured artistes come through as well; Poe, Lucci & Yaylow. Naija Hip-Hop at its finest. Was I the only one expecting some “conscious” tracks, all I got was fucking skits. Ok, let’s think about the “subsidy music” tag used on the tape; perhaps they mean that the Mixtape consists of “album-worthy” materials, but it’s been subsidized (it’s free), but the two cover arts tell me a different story. Good Music all through.

Favorite Tracks – O.D, Just A Melody, I Got That Yeah, Sweet Love, Word to Kobain

Overall Rating – 9.0

One comment

  1. Larry Dojoes · January 1, 2013

    I know what you mean, some tracks were left off some more obviously conscious tracks…. But listen again Nowadays to avoid attention we speak in Metaphor and riddle “the message is in the bars for those who can receive it” Tec 1

    Peace and Love SDC or Bang.

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