The Second Coming (T2C); Vector’s sophomore album. It’s an OK album except for the unnecessary long tracklist and the consequent necessary filler tracks.

Vector misses his chance to make a fucking great album.The album is very underwhelming as a body of work, neither cohesive nor concise, it seems diluted, very weak tracks at the middle, the point where you really want to hold on to the listener. Other than the already known to us “hit tracks” (Angeli, We Made Oh, Born Leader, Na You), check out; “Intro 1972”, “Jawonle”; featuring Muno, nice track, “Don’t Envy Me”; he features Rocksteady, Stop Hating, Na God do am, “Shaye”; can’t hate on VEC for this one…lol, a fucking dance song! I love it x_x. Sir Tee-Y Mix on the beat; the Naeto-C way, “Alone”; “soul rap”, he raps about the perks of fame, he features Emmsong on this one, he’s alone, he doesn’t know his real friends..”…the ones I know, I rarely see, the ones I see, I barely know…”, “V9 Cypha”; Hip-Hop! #datisall, “Se Wan Fe Ku” & “Fear No Evil”; make for a good listen too. He makes good music, can he just get over asking us if we “get it”; his not so spectacular punch lines and wordplay. Definitely not hip-hop, just music. Sometimes, all you need are simple words on a simple beat to pass a message.

Favorite tracks; Intro 1972, Fear No Evil, Shaye, Alone, Se Wan Fe Ku

Overall Rating – 7.0


  1. oddymacfoy · December 30, 2012

    Haba bro I understand that the album had general direction but u must give it to VeC his lyrical command on the album has not been matched this year .

  2. Tony Michele · December 30, 2012

    Lol….I beg to differ, hw many “mainstream” rap albums were released this yr….the only other one I can remember is Oga Boss…’s more than stitching punchlines together…

  3. oddymacfoy · January 3, 2013

    Well ur the music man I can’t argue wit u

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