A-Q’s new release; MAKE YOUR BEST RAPPER LOOK STUPID EP is a concise, cohesive project, but in my opinion still fails to live up to its name, the title is just “bogus”, other than the one track on which he featured some fans best rapper.

Ironically, the feature ends up been a “distraction”, he then laments about how his verse was slept-on 😦 Another artist to give props to on for his work on this project is “Beats by Jayy”, he provided complimentary beats all through except for “Mind Fuck”; another track with a nice concept. Personally, i would have preferred more “Solo” or “Versus” tracks.
At this point in his career, there’s no doubting his abilities and the potent force he can be behind/on the mic. This is just another project on which he bares his mind(Mind Fuck, A Prayer, Distractions) and displays his skills. The features come through as well, from the attention stealing verse on “Distractions” by Vector to D-Truce & Pryse’s showing up to the party on “Never Love U”, not to be slept-on Boogey’s “Machine Gun Flow” also Vivi and Blaq Bonez “preach” to the choir on “True Religion”.

I love all the tracks, Mind Fuck has got to be my favorite though, I mean, its fucking “soul rap”.

Overall Rating – 8.5


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