#TheSonOfAKapenta [Album Review]

Son Of A Kapenta

#TheSonOfAKapenta; BrymO’s Chocolate City debut album, also his sophomore album. The autobiographic title falls short of the album contents.

After getting over your expectations of “Ara” & “Good Morning” like tracks, you might just enjoy the album; a fair percentage of the tracks are songs about girls. The album has some exceptional cuts other than the ones (Ara & Good Morning) we are familiar with; “If you were mine”;  a ballad, very much on point, an e-kelly production, “1986”; and ode to his mother, also happens to be the first track on the album, “Omoge Campus”; what potential mother-in-law wont love this track & “See Me”.

Also included are the charts topping singles; Ara & Good Morning, and the disappointing yet good single “Go Hard”. An underwhelming verse from his closest friend amongst the Choc Boiz; Jesse Jagz on “Now Now”, and your least favorite Choc Boiz or should I say Chocolate Family collab track ; “Chocolate” is also included, wasted production. Production Wise, the album is on point.


Favorite Tracks – Ara, Good Morning, See Me, If You Were Mine & 1986

Overall Rating – 8.0



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