Oga Boss [Album Review]


Oga Boss; iLLBliss’ Sophomore full length album. It has it highs and lows; underwhelming collaborations (I am sorry, illyminate, graduate) as well as smooth , top notch collabs. There’s a lot of room for him to  improve his pen game. Truth be told, i prefer his story telling tracks to the conventional ones where he “stitches” rhymes together.


He still makes good music tho.


Illyminate f. Suspect – Weak first verse, weak first track, but illy is still illy…Suspect delivers on the chorus and his short verse…..who can forget that “….that’s why I dey gallivant” line tho. 7.0

Anamachi Kwanu f. Phyno – The award winning song, well deserved too. “…I’m just trying to add a few more O’s…” won’t that make it alphanumeric? Jst asking? 10.0

My Heart Beats f. Banky W & Silvastone – Nice beat, goes with the track. One of my favorite tracks on the album. Didn’t like Banky’s part tho, and that “anything you want I go buy two(or too)” line is getting annoying and old already. Take it out, and it’s a perfect song to me. 8.0

Graduate f. Wizboyy – Blehh. It fits the album tho, the concept of the song. It should cater for the “enough space” fans tho. 6.5

Currency Boyz 2 f. Ice Prince – Love the chorus! Suspect! Ice Prince 😦 8.0

I Am Sorry f. Chidinma – But the chorus na….what’s jinkolo, jinkologo?….very short track….saying shii that doesn’t make sense; that’s that shii I don’t like…A Boss does not apologize for spending his money…if you be boss, you be boss….better yet, give us another reminder ….I dont like… 7.0

Gidigba f. Del B – Nice! Another Intoto collab. Like a friend of mine said; “this is correct ibo man’s love” 9.0

Naalu Ekene f. Storm Rex – Storm Rex & iLLBliss delivered on this one. Perfect collab + Phyno on the beat. “…my persona’s so full of aura….”; dts gotta be wrong right? 10.0

Double Double f. Timaya – Another good track. Nice flow, nice beat to complement. Timaya delivers. Phyno! 9.5

Asiko f. Suspect – Off the “Position of Power EP”. Hip-Hop. He tells his story. 8.5

Emi Ni Baller (With Chidinma & Suspect) – Gbogbo capital. Legendary beats! 7.5

I’m Going In – He goes in. Nice bars especially the first verse. Nice beat. Good solo effort. 8.5

Hustler Footsteps f. Naeto C & Phyno – Nice intro….love the use of native language. iLLBliss comes through, as well as Phyno. Naeto C 😦 8.0

2Hands – Dope! XYZ on the beat! Street Hop. 9.0

Overall Rating – 6.5

Favorite Tracks; Double Double, 2Hands, Naalu Ekene, Anamachi Kwanu, Gidigba

Its not a very cohesive body of work, but Phyno really came through on this album, XYZ as well, nice beats & hooks. Your favorite tracks were produced by either Phyno or XYZ….most likely.  Saying random words that rhyme but don’t make any sense; that’s tha shii I don’t like, it’s rampant on the album, corny raps too.

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